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Thursday, November 5, 2015

How to install Android USB tethering driver in Windows 7 8 10 for Iball slide brillante tablet

Today’s internet virtual world has changed our real world so much that no one stays away from it. Internet has reduced the distance from thousand miles to a second. People try to stay connected with either home broadband connection or with mobile network. A report says that almost 30% population of our country nowadays use Smart phone. That means this people to connect to internet world. Some of them love to use internet on PC as it give large screen, Keyboard and mouse working facility. In order to connect your PC to internet you need a wireless modem or broadband connection but you can use your smart phone as a wireless modem and this will definitely reduce modem cost. You can use your smart phone’s USB tethering feature to use internet on PC. I have given a tutorial and you will never get it anywhere to update driver for USB tethering for Windows 7 platform. I am 100% sure that this will for you too. Follow my step by step guidance to install USB tethering driver in Windows 7.

How to enable USB tethering on Android Smart Phone/Tablet?

Step 1: Connect your tablet to PC using data cable.

Step 2: Go to setting application. You will find this option on App menu.

Step 3: Go to more setting option and select Tethering & portable hotspot

Step 4: Now select USB tethering. This will now enable your tablet to work as modem for your PC.

How to install Android USB tethering driver on Windows 7?

This step only applicable to people who are unable to install Tethering driver automatically to their Windows 7 PC. As I told you earlier that I am 100% sure about it that this will work for your PC too.

Step 1: Download the USB tethering driver from this link and save it on desktop.

Step 2: Now the following steps will guide you to install driver on your PC. An image will also illustrate these steps.

My computer--> Right click--> Properties--> Device Manager --> RNDIS (You get the option in Network Adaptors/Other Device) --> Right Click on RNDIS --> Properties --> Under General Tab click on “Update Driver” button -->Browse my computer for driver software --> Let me pick from a device drivers on my computer--> Select device type as Network Adaptors --> Now from Select Adaptor window click on "Have disc" button -->Browse “tetherxp.inf” and click “OK” button. Windows will now install the USB tethering driver. Within 5 minutes it will be installed.
Now go to Device manager and within Network adapters you will see “Android USB Ethernet/RNDIS”. This shows you that USB tethering driver is successfully installed in your Windows 7 PC.

USB tethering driver official download link

Hope this tutorial definitely helped you. I will be very happy if you express your success with me. This will definitely encourage me to help you further. Don’t forget like and subscribe AFS page. Your little sharing of this post will display great caring for us.

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