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Friday, July 31, 2015

Low cost PH testing devices for Indian pond water

PH level in water is very important for animals living in water. Misbalancing of PH level can cause serious problem to the living animals in water. If your pond water is not in balanced PH then it is not suitable for fish culture. A PH level mainly lies between 1 to 14. 0 to 7 indicates acidic nature in water and 7 to 14 ranges indicates alkaline water nature. From 0 to 7 the acidic nature of water decreases and 7 is considered as neutral. From 14 to 7 the alkaline PH level decreases. To balance PH level in your pond you need to take little care. There are several steps from which you can easy test PH level of your pond water.

Low cost Litmus paper test:

Litmus test is low cost and very effective for PH testing in pond water. Litmus paper is nothing but a paper strip with some chemical solution is given to it. There are two types of litmus paper available. Red litmus paper and blue litmus paper. To check the PH of pond water first get some water from your pond and a container. Then take two litmus strips one red litmus and other blue litmus. Put the strips in the container which contain pond water for testing. Based on the nature of the water the litmus papers change its color. Then take the two strips and compare them with color wheel PH chart. This is the easiest way to check PH level of water.

Low cost electronic pocket PH tester:

We are living in a digital world so there must exist an instrument which can measure PH level of water electronically and it exists. It is a small hand held as well as pocket fit instrument which can measure water PH very accurately. When you put the probe in pond water then the device will show reading in LCD display. But there exist a problem, you have no option to know whether the device is working perfectly or not for that you need to test a water of known PH with the device.
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