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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SOLVED the reference to entity "version" must end with the ';' delimiter fix problem on facebook plugin

Many bloggers and organizations love to use facebook plugin in their webpage in order to be connected with their visitor and followers. From May 2015 some bloggers are facing problems in blogger platform. Bloggers who have tried to insert page plugin in their blogger page getting an error “the reference to entity "version" must end with the ';' delimiter”. After a long trial and error method a solution is found.

From June 2015 Facebook has added a new Page plugin. It is simple and easy to use. Like and share options are also available at the header position.

How to solve “the reference to entity "version" must end with the ';' delimiter” problem

(1) Find “ js.src="//";”

(2) now replace 1& with 1& and remove from &appId=485103294886755" (Your appId is different)

(3) save your code. Now you will find no error on your code.

Steps to create Facebook page plugin and Adding on web page

(2) Enter your Facebook page URL

(3) Choose height and width and click on “Get Code” button.

(4) Include Facebook JavaScript SDK on your page just after body tag.

(5) Now add the plugin code in your web page (If you are using blogger platform then put you code in “HTML/Javascript ” widget from layout).

Hope you have successfully added your facebook plugin in your blogger page. If you still not able to solve this problem feel free to ask in comment section. If this helped you then do little sharing for us. Your little sharing will display caring for us.

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