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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Digital India Platform (DIP) to offer freelancing job opportunity for computer literates in India

Job crisis is a major problem in India. Every year millions of students are completing graduation but very few amount of are getting job according to their qualification. The students of engineering are suffering the worst. Some people who are good in computer still haven’t got job in computer related work.

     The government of India soon to bring an opportunity for those who are flexible in computer operating. The government has decided to digitize the documents and for that work freelancers will be appointed. That means anyone having knowledge in typing in computer, Tablet and mobile device will get the opportunity to work.

According to Sri R.S Sharma the digital India Platform has been finalized. Currently it is in beta version and it under the experiment. In this DIP all the government documents will be scanned and will be segmented in lines. Freelancers who will get involved in DIP will be given those documents and they will type it and submit to us. The government will pay to the freelancer based on character typing.

Who are eligible for DIP freelancing Job?

According to the central government policy candidate shout have the following things in order  to work under DIP project.

(1) Should have fair knowledge in computer typing.
(2) Should have an Aadhar number.

Mr. Sharma has also said that the government will take serious privacy to protect data. Document will break into segments so that no one can find more information about the document.
 The Government soon will call for tender to digitize documents as well as how much money will be paid to the freelancers for the job. He also said that we also give the same line to two freelancers for typing. If both the content matches then only then the system will consider it as right. It is assumed that if the two persons typed the same then it is perfectly right. The amount which will be paid for typing a character will equally divided among them.

He also mentioned that the state governments will also be requested to use such platforms. Information and broadcasting ministry has developed fonts in regional language so that any one can download it and use in their computer for free.

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