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Saturday, May 16, 2015

WBUT sample question papers and suggestion on Basic Electrical Engineering B.Tech IT, ECE and CS 2014-2015

Our life is full of electrical products. From ceiling electrical fan to kitchen roti maker everywhere we find the application of electrical engineering. With a click of a switch a light glows. Electrical engineering is a very interesting subject but it is little difficult subject to some people. The most important thing for the students is to cover the syllabus, but time is very short; within a six months time it is very hard to complete the syllabus. Little suggestion is helpful to cover the syllabus. This year WBUT is conducting B.Tech exam at the end of month May 2015. The suggestion will cover Network theorem, Transformer, D.C motor and Induction motor.

Basic Electrical Engineering sample question 2014-2015

(1) Short Notes: 
  (a) Induction motor working principle(3-phase)
  (b) Apparent power
  (c) Slip and synchronous speed of 3-phase Induction motor
  (d) Network theorem (Eg- Thevenin, Norton’s, Superposition)
  (e) Transformer
  (f) Eddy current loss
  (g) Hysteresis loss
  (h) Single phase transformer vector diagram

(2) Long answer type question:
  (a) Network theorem math problems.
  (b) Why a 3-phase induction motor is self starting? Motor slip, torque relationship and math problems. Torque-slip characteristics.
  (c) Rectifier circuit and some math problems.
  (d) DC generator math problems and characteristics curve.
  (e) Single phase transformer
  (f) Electro magnetism laws

(3) MCQs from WBUT Organizer

Hope this tutorial will be helpful for the B.Tech students in Basic Electrical subject. Feel free to share this content with your friends and let your friend get the benefit from this suggestion. Your little share and like will help us to grow and show caring for us.

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