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Saturday, May 16, 2015

WBUT sample question papers and suggestion on Basic Electronics Engineering B.Tech IT 2014-2015

Basic electronics is a very easy and interesting subject, but covering the whole subject within a period of six months is not easy task. So sometimes this makes the subject little bit of difficult. This year 2nd semester is going to happen in the month of May 2015 after the practical examination. So there exist a very little time for the students for the exam preparation. A little bit of suggestive question will help them to cover the syllabus and help them to score more. So for the WBUT students here is a sample and suggestive question for the subject Basic Electronics Engineering. Hope this suggestion will be helpful.

Basic Electronics Engineering sample question 2014-2015

         (1)    Short notes:
(a)    Full wave rectifier
(b)   Enhancement and depletion type MOSFET
(c)    Q point
(d)   Barkhausen criterion
(e)   Oscillator
(f)     Principle operation of JFET
(g)    Static characteristics of JFET and MOSFET
(h)   OP-AMP characteristics
(i)      CMRR
(j)     OP-AMP as differential amplifier and comparator

          (2)    Long type:
(a)    OP-AMP math problems(Eg-CMRR, Inverting and Non inverting)
(b)   OP-AMP adder circuit
(c)    JFET and MOSFET comparison
(d)   Feedback amplifier topologies and circuit
(e)   Explain zener breakdown. Draw a circuit for operating zener diode.
(f)     Band diagram of p-n junction
(g)    Explain Transistor biasing and h-parameters

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