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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Can I use DDR2 667 MHz RAM in one memory slot and DDR2 800 MHz RAM in another RAM slot simultaneously?

The question was asked by a visitor name Rahul Sarkar. After a long time someone asked me such technical question to me in this blog and I am very pleased that he has chosen me to help him.

          The answer of your question is YES. You can use both DDR2 RAMs simultaneously. But there is a problem that you won’t get high speed from 800 MHz DRR2 RAM and it will operate in 667 MHz frequency. If you mix two different frequencies RAM then two RAM will operate in whose frequency is lower.

As an example as per the question you have 800 MHz DDR2 and DDR2 667 MHz RAM then both will work in 667 MHz frequency.

Important notes:
  • It is possible to use different frequency RAM in system but most tech guys advices to use same clock frequency RAM in system.
  • Mixing of different technology RAM( DDR, DDR2,DDR3) are not possible.

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