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Friday, October 3, 2014 free registration/invitation code, How to register a free account in, the future of social networking review

Social media websites are gaining its popularity day by day. Facebook, twitter, Google+ are giants in the social media industry but new social media are also trying to come in the market and also trying to make some position. Recently a new social networking has started his journey in March 2014. “Ello” it’s a new social networking site that is soon going to revolutionize the term social networking. Many of social networking says about the security of people’s account and maintain a strict privacy but very few are able follow their own terms. “” is claiming to be “simple,beautiful,ad-free”. The slogan of is “simple, beautiful, ad-free”. is currently in beta phase and it’s account opening or registration is currently invitation only.

How to open an account in ?

People liked the concept of so much that they are willing to join quickly. But as the direct registration is disabled in beta phase you either have to use their bot invitation code or have to wait unless send you an invitation code.

Join by an invitation code :

(A) First you need to visit ello-invite

(B) Click on the button that says “I Want A Key”

(C) After clicking on the button a key code will be generated and a registration button will appear.

(D) Click on registration button and complete the short form and click on the button “Create Account”.

Joining from ello’s official website :

Another way you can be a part of but this step is quiet time consuming.

(A) Visit i.e. the official website of ello.

(B) Now click on “Request an Invitation” button and submit your e-mail ID. When an invitation code is available they will send it to your e-mail ID.

Why is considered as the future of social networking ?

Social media is gradually loosing it’s popularity and people always looking something new features. which was launched on March 2014 was getting a steady visitor but after September 2014 it is gaining huge popularity. It looks like people have found the thing they were looking for many years. As I previously mentioned that is currently in beta phase and at this moment joining to is invitation only. It’s promise to give ad-free service and respect in people’s pivacy is making it popular now a day. Some people considering as a competitor to Facebook but ello’s founder refused this claim.

Here are some unique features that will grab your attention towards
  • Their first and most important promise is that they are never going to sell use data to any advertising agency of any third party.
  • is complete ads free
  • Providing real name is not necessary in but need to give your email ID during registration
  • Like other social networking site they are also maintaining a zero tolerance policy towards abusive behavior.
 Some important news you will be happy to know about

(1) Who is the creator of
Ans: Paul Budnitz

(2) What is the official launch date of
Ans: 18th March 2014

(3) What is the slogan of
Ans: Simple, Beautiful, Ad-free  

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