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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Top 3 mobile and broadband internet connection speed test website

With the invention of technology now the virtual distance between people now has reduced. The biggest invention of internet communication has made this science fiction now in reality. Now a day it is very hard to find a person who is unaware of the term internet. To young generation, usage of internet is a play thing now a day and for the old people; they are trying to make them familiarize with it. After 50 years it will be hard for anyone to live without internet. According to national survey report, the young generations are very used to in running applications like Facebook, Whats app etc. so to use such social networking sites and also the increase of e-commerce the demand of internet usage is increasing rapidly. When people are using internet they are also very eager to know about the speed they are receiving as they all know that the better the speed the less time will be taken to do surfing, downloading online.

Top 3 sites to test your internet speed

Internet speed depends on different factors like connection type like whether it is 2G, 3G or broadband. If it is a wireless connection then network strength and network traffic can also be the factors regarding speed. Here in this tutorial I will name top 3 websites from where you will be able to test your internet speed smoothly. is one of the best websites to test your internet speed. The interface of the website is good. It takes some time to load. Most of the information you want to know about your connection is completely free. It uses a flash powered interface which automatically detects your IP address and chooses a closest server for speed test. Both downloading and uploading test will be performed sequentially.  After visiting their page you just have to click “Start Speed Test” button and your internet speed will be calculated after that.

Some good features of
  • One click speed test feature.
  • You don’t have to select nearest test server location. It will be done automatically.
  • They have mobile applications both for android and iphone platform.
One drawback of

The only drawback it carries is that it takes some time to load webpage properly. But if you have mobile application it will take less time.

Another good website to test your internet speed. It is the second most popular website to test internet connection speed. The website carries a simple but effective interface. The built in apps gives very accurate result of speed test. If you just consider the accuracy of the result then can be ranked number one. They are also planning to make their website interface better. The accuracy in test result and simple website design have made them so popular. They are planning to make mobile application for speed test.

Another popular website to test your internet connection speed. The site automatically detects your IP but you have to choose test server manually. This site is suitable for western country and not so suitable for Indian people. Some people claimed that that they are getting accurate results. If you have slow internet connection you can try several times, if you are lucky then you probably get accurate result. But it is very simple and it is in the market for a long time. For this purpose it has gained a third rank.

There are other speed test sites which will allow you to test your internet connection speed. Most internet service providers specially the broadband service providers do have their own speed test application. You can also ues them. India’s top broadband service provider BSNL has its own speed test website. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it is useful to you. If you have found any speed test site feel free to share your research with us.

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