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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Coconut climbing machine price specification and how it works

There are very few people who do not love coconut flesh or coconut water. Coconut tree can be found in every part of the world. Coconut has great business potential. Most of islanders use coconut as the primary source of food. In India Kerala is one of the top states in cultivating coconut. Coconut has lots of medical benefits such as it is rich of water, Phosphorus, Potassium. Coconut water is good for the people who are suffering from liver function problems. It is hard that coconut water is very identical to human plasma and can be injected directly into human blood stream. You may have seen Jackie Chan’s movie “Who am I?” where a stunt shown, in that coconut water was used as a saline supplement.

Coconut tree climbing machine image( source wikimedia)
We all love to drink coconut water and coconut flesh. Many people have planted coconut tree in their household, so that they won’t have to buy coconut from market. But they have difficulties too. It is very hard now a day to find a person who will pluck coconut for them. Now a day nobody wants to work in a low paying job. To solve this problem many people are trying to make a machine which will pluck coconut from them. Some people have made such coconut climbing machine and working version of such device is out in the market.

Specifications of coconut climbing machine are:

Type: Mechanical
Ideal users: Male/Female (Age 14 to 60)
Time taken to climb a tree: maximum 60 seconds
Price: Approximately rs. 2500/-

This is not a type of machine instead of that it can be said as a mechanical device. Almost anyone can use such products. This thing is ideal for children above age 14 and for females who are unable to do strenuous work such as coconut tree climbing. Approximate price of this device is around rupees 2500/-. Some years ago Kerala government started a project named “friends of coconut tree”, where this device was distributed among some people for free. It has gained a great success within these few years.

As I already mentioned that it is not a machine it’s a mechanical device. That device work similar to walking but instead of walking horizontally we have to walk vertically. The device work like a ladder. Picture shows the details of the device. Using this device 100 feet tree can be climbed very easily. During climbing first you have to keep your whole body weight in one leg then you have to up your other leg then you have to keep your body weight in other leg. Now using this device anybody can enjoy the sweetness of coconut water.

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