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Monday, June 9, 2014

How to book movie sports theatre tickets online in

Arindam: Hey Priyanka, will you go for a movie tomorrow?
Priyanka: yes why not, which movie?
Arindam: Its Dhoom 3
Priyanka: Obviously go. Would you please buy a ticket for me?
Arindam: Why not. I will buy it tomorrow at boxoffice.

Do you want to know what happened next?

Next day when Arindam went to boxoffice he found the show houseful and he could not keep his promise and both of them were very sad. This is now a day a problem that is suffered by most people. If they used online ticket booking system then they won’t have to suffer like that.
          Todays tutorial is all about “How to book movie, sports, theatre tickets online in”. is online since August 2007. It is currently India’s most successful entertainment ticket booking system. Bookmyshow not only sell movie tickets but also sell tickets of sports events music concerts and theatre/drama tickets. At present the site has got more than 10 million visitors impression and more than 2 million facebook fans. It has 300 cinema partners and it covers more than 1200 screens throught out india. Since 2007 when it was made by three musketeers after that they never looked back and now they are ruling market.


There are many online ticket booking sites out there and some movie theatre hall have their own online ticket booking system. But the main question is why you choose to buy tickets online. As I already mentioned in this tutorial that it has partnership with more than 1200 screens in India.  They will cover most of the large movie theatre in your locality and you won’t have to visit individual movie theatre website to tickets. Bookmyshow’s easy to use interface will make your ticket booking experience at the top.

How to use to buy movie tickets online?

Comparing to their starting website interface to the new interface, it is far better than the old one and they are constantly developing to provide a great user experience. Currently they have two types of online booking system one is using their website and second one is from their mobile application. In this part I will only discuss about online booking from their website.

Step one: First step to buy tickets from book my show is to visit and register; it will help you to track your transaction further. You can also buy tickets without registering. Bookmyshow has unique scripts  that will automatically detect your current city and what you have to do is  to choose your movie name and date. You find these options at the left top side of the page. Sample image is shown below.

Step two:  When you complete the first step, the next step is to choose movie theatre and timing. If you just hover your mouse over the timing you will be able to see the price and seat type. Now click on the movie timing.

Step three: in this step you have to choose seat for the show. At first you have to choose required number of seats then you have to choose seat position. Scroll to get all the seats view. Always look for the screen position. If you book wrong seat you won’t be able to change it later. Now proceed to checkout to book your ticket.

Step four: IN this step you will find a popup window and this will give you information about total price you need to pay. If you want to change something you can mage change at this stage. If you are happy with your choice then proceed to payment.

Step five: After clicking “proceed to payment” button you get online payment processing page. This will lead you to secure payment page. Always look for the https: at the address bar. Now put your best email and mobile number. Mobile number and email id is mandatory as you will get ticket booking confirmation message and booking id in them. You have to perform payment within 8 minutes, after that your session will expire and you have to start from step can use different payment processor to pay the amount. You can use cash card/mobile wallet as well as Zipcash. Zipcash is the new inclusion in this payment option.

Step six: If you have completed the above step successfully then you will receive a confirmation mail in your email id and a message in your mobile with booking id. Booking tickets online won’t give you the tickets, you have to collect it from your movie hall ticket counter (i.e. BOX OFFICE) .they will ask your booking id as well as they may ask your booking email id for a valid booking confirmation.

Bookmyshow smart phone apps

Now you can book your favourite movie on the go anywhere any time with bookmyshow’s smart phone applications. Bookmyshow applications are available for different smart phone platform like Android, Windows, iPhone, Blackberry. Bookmyshow application is completely free to download. Application download link is available at bookmyshow’s mobile section. Easy to use user interface will make your booking experience to the best.
          But like all other things it has some good and bad sides but in bookmyshow bad sides are very negligible. Some people don’t prefer bookmyshow as their transaction fee is much higher compared to others. Most of the people are satisfied with bookmyshow services like sports tickets, movie tickets and theatre tickets. Hope this tutorial helped you a lot and this will make your favorite movie watching experience much better. Feel free to suggest anything to make this tutorial far better.

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