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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Different banks SWIFT code in West Bengal || Bank SWIFT codes for google adsense eft in India

Almost everyone know the name google. There are three types of people who get benefit from google one is people who search on google, people who invest on google and people who blog for google.

          This tutorial will be useful for everyone who are somehow related to google. Now a day the question that is roaming around every bloggers mind that is “How to get swift code for their bank in India”. Google adsense has now implemented bank wire transfer for blogger on mid 2013 but it was not compulsory for everyone as check was another payment option but after May 2014 it is compulsory to use eft. To transfer your fund directly to your bank account you need to have a bank account, IFSC and SWIFT code. This is really good news for the blogger as they won’t have to wait long time to receive check after issue date. It takes almost 2 to 3 weeks (depends on the courier service) to receive check at your doorstep while in eft it takes almost four business days to receive payment to your bank account.

What is SWIFT code and why it is needed?

Before you put your bank SWIFT code to your google adsense payment setting; make a clear idea about SWIFT code. SWIFT stands for “Society for worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication”. It is 8 to 11 digit alphanumeric code. Code structure image is given below.
          11 digit swift code is quiet similar to IFSCC code but it has some difference. If we segment SWIFT code into four parts we will be able to understand it. We will consider this segmentation from left to right. In the above image from left to right first four digits are SBIN. These four digits define the bank code i.e. name of the bank in this case it is for State Bank of India. Next two digits are country code i.e. in which country the bank is situated. Next two digits are for bank location and last three digits describes branch code of SBI. Here in this case it is XXX. When the last three digits are xxx then it defines the main bank branch.

          Now you know what SWIFT code is and now you will know what the need of SWIFT code is. SWIFT code is mainly needed when someone wants to transfer money from country to country. Not all the bank branches have SWIFT code. Most urban banks have SWIFT codes but very few banks in rural area that have SWIFT code. SWIFT code allows you to send and receive money internationally.
         If you are a bloger then you probably know that google is a company from other country. So to have payments from google in India you need to have a SWIFT code.

Are BIC and SWIFT code same?

          The question almost comes to everyone’s mind whether BIC and SWIFT code same or not and the answer is both of them are same. BIC stands for Bank Identifier Code. It is unique and ISO certified code that is required for International Financial Transaction.

Difference between SWIFT and IFSC code

Now you know about SWIFT code and you also know that SWIFT code is different from IFSC code. It will be fruitful for you if know the difference between them.
  • SWIFT code length lies between 8 to 11 alphanumeric numbers where IFSC is 11 digit alphanumeric numbers.
  • SWIFT code is used for international financial transaction where IFSC is used for financial transaction between different bank branches within India.
  • SWIFT code can be used globally and IFSC is only for India.

Where and how to get Bank SWIFT code?

Now the toughest question probably roaming around in your mind is where and how to get that SWIFT code. You can get this in two ways.
  1. Ask your Bank to give you SWIFT code. You know all bank branches do not have SWIFT code. In such condition you have to use your main bank branch SWIFT code.
  2. There are some websites which will give you SWIFT code for your Bank. You can get your bank SWIFT code by simply visiting their website and selecting Country, Bank name, City and Branch name.

  3. Steps to find SWIFT code for your Bank
    1. Visit
    2. Now from menu bar select "Search by SWIFT CODE".
    3. Select Country name, Bank/Institution name, State city and Branch name

The best choice is to ask your bank for SWIFT code as it will remove your doubt. Hope this tutorial cleared all your doubt and you gain a clear idea about SWIFT code as well as found SWIFT code for your Bank. If you find this tutorial useful please don’t forget to encircle me in google+. Your little share and like will encourage me to write more good tutorials.

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