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Monday, May 19, 2014

Postal Sorting assistant Exam 2014 GK question paper solved || PA/SA 2014 GK answer key

This year department of post conducting recruitment for the post of Postal and sorting assistant.  This year exam has started on 27th April 2014. Different circle is conducting exam in different dates. In that period 4 exams were already taken in different circles.

Exam Date
Postal Circle
Assam (12), Chhattisgarh (14), Delhi (15), North East (25), Odisha (26), Rajasthan (28), Delhi (15), Kerala (22), Haryana (17), Karnataka (21) 
Jharkhand (20)  
Maharashtra (24), Uttarakhand (31) , Tamil Nadu (29) 
Jammu & Kashmir (19), Punjab (27)     
Andhra Pradesh (11), West Bengal (32)       

Hope everyone has given a good exam and to know the answer key of PA/SA exam papers. As you know department of post exam has 25 GK questions and some them are very tough to answer so I will only discuss about those tough questions. These questions will be from question papers conducted in different postal circles before the date 18th May 2014. Hoping these will help those who have given the exam and who will give the exam.

1)      Which act governs foreign exchange in India?
Answer: Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

2)      BIFR stands for
Answer: Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction.

3)      First woman to be inducted in ICC umpire panel is from which country?
Answer: New Zealand (Kathy Cross)

4)      What is the motto of Olympic 2020?
Answer: Discover tomorrow.

5)      What is the motto of Olympic 2016?
Answer: Live your passion

6)      Pungency in chillies is due to
Answer: Capsaicin

7)      The number of images of an object formed by two mirrors inclined at an angle of 60 degree is
Answer: 6

8)      India’s first credit bureau through which commercial banks will credit history of customers
Answer: CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited)

9)      “Bharat kesri” award is given in the sport
Answer: Wrestling

10)   Which is a good cholesterol
Answer: HDL

11)   To which ocean the Panama Canal joins Atlantic Ocean?
Answer: Pacific Ocean.

12)   In which year Indian Space Research Organization founded?
Answer: 1969

13)   Which plant is popularly grown along the road for absorbing vehicular pollutants?
Answer: Bougainvillea

14)   Which country became the first country to succeed in extracting gas from frozen methane?
Answer: Japan

15)   January 1 is observed as
Answer: Global Family day

16)   Amrita Pritam’s work a revenue stamp is an
Answer: Autobiography

17)   Pream vatika, poems on the life of Krishna, were composed by
Answer: Raskhan

18)   Which lights are strongly absorbed by plants
Answer: Red and Blue

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