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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Best summer industrial vocational training program for B.Tech students in BSNL Kolkata ||

You have worked hard in 12th standard to get a place in engineering stream and to have a great job in top corporate. In engineering study you learned lot about engineering subjects and there exists a lack between your learning and practical working of that technology. To remove these lacks you need an industrial training. Different vocational industrial trainings are available for different stream. CSE students can take training in php, Java, .net subjects. Here I will only discuss about industrial training for the EE, ECE and other core streams engineering departments.

Eligibility criterion for this training

In order to participate in BSNL summer training you must be a B.Tech engineering student in following stream
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • Computer science (CSE)
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Control System
Students in the above stream in 2nd year or 3rd year or in final year can apply for this training. This telecommunication training occurs in the month of July every year.

Why should I do this training?

One question probably wondering in your mind why you should do this training. You already know the answer. Regarding this question of yours I want to ask you, why you wanted to become an Engineer? The answer probably is to have a good job. Yes that’s the answer regarding your question. Companies on technical field always look for a person who has some work field knowledge and they wand the proof of that knowledge. When you have a good certificate in your hand, your chances of getting job will be much easier for you. Only this telecommunication training program can give you that.

How to apply for this training?

BSNL provides training in West Bengal in two places one is in Salt Lake and other in Kalyani. To be a part of this training you have to register at BSNL office. BSNL provides training for 15 days and 30 days. For 30 days training you have to pay fees around Rs-6000/- .BSNL provides this information regarding registration form and fees structure on their website, but you don’t have to worry about as I will give every link so that you don’t have to wonder here and there.
DOWNLOAD BSNL summer training registration form from here.
BSNL training official website:

Course fees in BSNL training

BSNL takes reasonable training fees for the telecommunication training. As I already mentioned that BSNL takes around Rs-6000/- for one month training. This training fee includes class session, Lab visit and field visit. Download fees structure from this link. Hope this information is helpful to you and last thing I want to say if you find this tutorial helpful please give us a like and circle me in your Google+.

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