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Friday, March 21, 2014

Postal sorting assistant (PA/SA) exam 2014 sample gk questions and answers || Indian postal history GK

Like the previous year, department of post also recruiting postal sorting assistant (PA/SA) this year also. PA/SA is not so tough exam. But according to previous year exam question some claimed that the GK part question was tough. So I decided to bring some sample questions for you, which will help you to get some idea about the type of questions. Postal recruitment GK question mainly covers topics such as Indian History, Basic science, Indian constitution and recent news (Current Affairs). Try to follow this kind of sample questions. You can also follow some brief history Indian postal service. This may also help you.

Postal sorting assistant (PA/SA) exam 2014 sample gk questions and answers

1) The main use of DIODE is
Answer: Rectification

2) The weight of a given object is maximum at
Answer: Surface of the Earth

3) Sound which can not be heard by human ear is known as
Answer: Ultrasonic sound

4) A liquid drop tends to have a spherical shape because
Answer: It has minimum surface energy

5) Radio was invented by
Answer: Marconi

6) President’s rule in a state can be imposed initially for
Answer: Six months

7) The rule of LAW means
Answer: No person can be punished unless his/her guilt is established

8) Region that is known as “Rice Bowl of India” is
Answer: Krishna-Godavari delta region

9) Cochin and Visakhapatnam sea coasts of India are situated on
Answer: West and East coasts of India respectively

10) Mount Everest is located in
Answer: Nepal

11) Largest and smallest state in India are
Answer: Madhya Pradesh and Sikkim respectively

12) The first Mughal building with complete marble facing was
Answer: Humayun’s tomb

13) The great emperor Akbar was born at
Answer: Amarkot

14) The oldest VEDA is
Answer: Rig Veda

15) In 1774 Indian postal service was opened for public in
Answer: Bombay and Madras

16) Construction of GPO(General Post Office) Kolkata started in the year of
Answer: 1864

17) The part of Cinchona plant which yields quinine is
Answer: Bark

18) Microorganisms which helps to recycle nutrients are known as
Answer: Decomposers

19) Pollution free renewable energy is
Answer: Solar energy

20) Jaldapara is famous for the conservation of
Answer: Rhinoceros

21) Cirrhosis is a disease that effects
Answer: Liver

22) 2015 Cricket world cup will be held in
Answer: Australia, New Zealand

23) The “Unhappy India” is written by
Answer: Lala Lajpat Rai

24) Milk is mixture of
Answer: Carbohydrate, protein, Fat and Water

25) pH of an acid solution will be always
Answer: Less than 7

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