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Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to maintain a healthy body || top best Health and Fitness tips for students

As you already know that the motivation of AFS is to help students in every aspect i.e. from education problem to personal health problem. AFS is helping students since 2011. Today I am going to share my experience with you all about how to maintain a healthy body i.e. to maintain a mentally and physically healthy body.

     In today’s world every food that you eat, drink is unhealthy. From vegetables to processed food everything is full of unhealthy materials. I have heard some shocking story that to keep the longevity of the green vegetables they are washed with different chemicals and they are very harmful and create serious nerve problems and organ problem. Some of them I am mentioning like papaya, Potol, Gobi, ladies finger etc.

Things a student should not do to maintain a healthy body

     As I already mentioned above that today what we eat is full of dirty and unhealthy materials. For some reason every one need to eat either street foods( like Chowmein, Egg-roll etc) or restaurant food (like Chili chicken, tikka, Kabab etc) all are being made of harmful  materials.

     So try to avoid such fast food and if you can refrain from such food, nature has some solution of it. After eating those junk food eat a fruit ( like Guava, Apple, Lemon) after half an hour of your eating ( Did you remember the famous quote “An apple in a day keep the doctor away”).

3 top ways to keep your body engine running

  • Eat food in proper time (don’t let your tummy empty as the digest juice will harm your digestion system).
  • Bath everyday and wash your full body (bathing early around 10O clock is good for health).
  • Sleep in proper time (as we all know students life is full of pressure and have less time but if you fell ill it will take more time from you. So try to sleep at night within 10-12 as you know for better performance your body need some rest).

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