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Friday, July 19, 2013

Corel drw x5 Web Design (Navigation button) Tutorial

Web design is a combination of Graphics and code. Better graphics can grab more attention of your visitor. So today I am going to show you how you can make a navigation button using corel draw. In my tutorial I have used corel X5 but you can use other versions too.
Navigation Button in Corel Draw

Step 1

Add a blank sheet in corel draw and draw rectangle and eclipse as shown in picture.

Step 2

Select the rectangle and eclipse shape together pressing the shift key.

Step 3

Now from arrange menu select “shaping” and then select “simplify” option.

Step 4

Now just select the eeeclipse and keep it aside or you may delete it.

Step 5

Now we will work with the remaining shape. Now color the shape to black and drop a shadow on the shape. Now press Ctrl+K(this will separate shape and shadow) and separate the shadow.

Step 6

Now press P from keyboard and color the rectangle shape and send the shadow to back.

Step 7

Now from “Basic shape tool” select “arrow shapes” and select left arrow shape.

Step 8

Place the arrow on the shape and add text on the shape.

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