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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mosquito Repeller Circuit Diagram

Constructing a mosquito repelling circuit is very easy. Human being can hear sound in range of 20-20kHz. Above the range human being cannot hear the sound but this high frequency sound can heard by the insects. They use high frequencies to communicate between them. If we generate a random signal that will treated as a noise signal to them. The circuit basically uses a 555 timer for generating a simple clock frequency as a astable multivibrator.

Components required constructing the circuit:

                       (1)  IC --NE555 timer
           (2)  R1--15k
           (3)  R2--10k
           (4)  C1--0.01uf
           (5)  C2--0.1uf
           (6)  9V Battery
           (7)  4ohm Loud Speaker

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