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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Create a best Harberium or herbarium sheet for botany

Harberium/Herbarium sheet Tutorial

Things  You Need to create a good Harberium sheet:

(1)Buy or create a large chart paper. 
(2)Cut the paper into 4 small pieces.
(3)Choose a Plant (it must be small enough to fit onto your paper and that you get some of the root system.
         NOTE: be careful not to collect a protected species and make sure you have permission
(8)Heavy books

How to Do:

1. Place the plant/flower  between two sheets of newspaper and in between some heavy books. Stack more heavy books on top so that the moisture from the leaves and from the stem be removed. This process will take up to a week.

2. When your plant is dry remove it from the newspaper and carefully glue it to the chart  paper. 

1.      3. On this piece of paper write the characteristics like below given format:

1.     4.   To make it more complete, label your flower parts with a pencil. See if you can identify the stem, leaf, petals, pistol, stamen and root. Conitnue to make sheets and then hole-punch them to make an herbarium book.

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