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Friday, December 30, 2011

HR Interview Questions and answers for Bank and PSU

Bank IBPS and PSU Interview Question and answer

(1)What is more important to you: the money or the work?
ANS: Money and work both are like the 2 sides of the same coin.But I believe when you work hard; money will flow to you.because without work u will never get money So work is more important than money.

(2)If they ask tell about yourself,from where i have to start.give an answer with an example?
 ANS: If Already HR called you by your name, so never start from your name,start from where you belong, then educational background, technical qualification, family, interest, experience, career objective, strength, achievement....

(3)what should i answer if my interviewer asks me about my short and long term goals.Tell me with some example?
ANS: For the short term goals you can say that at present I want to start my career with a reputed company like yours.Or you can focus on something on non technical part like you want to learn guitar..etc
For the long term goal you can say that you aim high and look to become group leader or project manager or occupy some good position in the Organzation.

(4)What is your greatest strength?
ANS: my greatest strength is my strong and positive thinking,i'm adaptable and flexible .. i can very well adjust with new situations and circumstances
honesty is my policy and i am hardworking...

(5) What is meant by HR?
ANS:HR is the back bone of,labour, capital etc are used effectively with the the help of HR activities.HR
develops skill and sharps hidden caliber of workforce, so
that the objectives of employess as well as organisation can
be met together and found fruitful out put

ANS: I have all the qualities required for the job moreover you have shortlisted,i think i am one of the best candidates you are looking for.

(7) What are your weak points?
ANS: Trusting People easily as it sometimes put me in trouble...

(8) Who has inspired you in your life and why?
ANS: my father has inspired me very much.... because from my childhood onwards, im seeing him like a hero because he have all the capabilities to do any work in a smarter way.. so, i too trying to be lik him..

(8) Would you be willing to relocate if required?
ANS: If circumstances forced me definitely I will relocate and find the ways to settle down wherever Iam going to work.

(9) Are you a team player?
ANS: I love to work in a team because it is the place where we can generate the best ideas which is impossible to develop alone.  we can rectify our mistakes and there may be a chance to learn new things.unity is strength.

(10) What makes you angry ?
ANS: when any people need help i help them to the last, but if i want help from them & they try to refuse me to help out.

(11) you are of electrical field and you are going for software? why?
ANS:You have published this vacancy for electrical engineers too. As I'm looking for the best place where I can apply my skills and so far I found this place to be excellent .

(12) If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?
ANS: I think I would still hold my basic belief that achievement and purposeful work are essential to a happy, productive life. After all, if money alone bought happiness, then all rich people would be all happy, and that?s not true.

(13) Tell me about your dream job.
ANS:Where I can work with my full efficiency, from seniors I learn new things and self developement is possible.

(14) What is ergonomics?
ANS: Ergnonomic is term that tends to describe the relationship between workers and it working environment. i.e safety, efficiency etc.

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