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Friday, October 7, 2011

Audio Amplifiers with LM386 IC

LM386 Audio Amplifier
  • The LM386 Audio amplifier chip is a general purpose amplifier with a variable gain
  • The device is suitable for driving a small 8 ohm speaker
  • It operates from a single supply rail making it convenient in battery powered devices
  • The device has a low quiescent current making it suitable for battery operated devices (4mA)
  • The chip is supplied in a standard 8 pin DIL plastic package
  • Take care that the chip has suficient space as it may become warm in use!!  
  • Specifications
    Supply Voltage
    4 to 12 volts
    Input impedance
    Voltage gain
    20 to 200 - set using external components
    Output power
    300mW to 500mW

    Parts required 
    R1 = 10k variable resistor
    R2 = 10 ohm
    C1 = 470nF
    C2 = 10uF
    C3 = 100nF
    C4 = 1000uF Electrolytic
    C5 = 10uF - sets voltage gain
    Spk = 0.5W, 8 ohm speaker
    IC= 8 pin LM386

    Circuit Diagram

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