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Friday, December 21, 2012

What is Memorandum/Memo ? | Memorandum writing tips and Tutorial

In an Organization often there is net to write letter for different purpose, but in inside this organization writing of letter must be different from the conventional letter writing format. For this purpose memorandum has been introduced to produce a communication bedium inside organization.

What is memo/Memorandum?

It is similar to a letter which is only written within an organization to notify about something to someone. 

General Structure of Memo:

A good quality memo should contain 6 elements in it.
  • A “to” section, if you are writing the memo to someone, his name should be there.
  • “From” section, your name should be here.
  • “Date”, Mention the date of writing the memo
  • A “subject” that will describe your intention for writing the memo.
  • “Body” of memo
  • “Signature” Section
Memo Structure

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