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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Download Your Facebook Profile To Your Computer

Did you know that you can download your Facebook profile? Would you like to keep a record of what you have done on Facebook. Other peoples comments and messages to you, even all the pictures you have uploaded and shared. This information is readily available to you and all you have to do is download your Facebook profile.
In this tutorial I will show you how to download your entire Facebook profile to your computer and save it for later. Bare in mind that you will have to do this on a regular basis if you are continually updating your profile with new information.

Download Your Facebook Profile To Your Computer 
1.  Go to your Facebook account and sign in.
2.  Click on the small drop down arrow next to the account link.

3.  A menu will appear. Choose account settings from the menu. See the screen shot below.

4.  Now you are in your Facebook account settings.

5.  Scroll down the page until you see a heading Download Your Information. See the screen shot below.

6.  The next page will appear. Click on the download button.

7.  A message will appear. You will receive an email when your archive is ready for download.

When you receive your email you can unzip the package and open a copy of your Facebook profile in an Internet browser window.

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