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Friday, January 27, 2012


Intranet runs on open TCP/IP network, enable companies to employ the same type of servers and browser used for World Wide Web for internal applications distributed over the corporate LAN .
A typical Intranet implementation involves a high end machine called a server which can be accessed by individual PCs commonly referred to as clients, through the network.
The Intranet site setup can be quite inexpensive, especially if your users are already connected by LAN. Most popular Intranet web servers can run on a platform widely found in most organizations. Basic requirements for setting up an intranet site are:
 Requirements : Software :
·         Server : OS can be Windows server, Unix, LINUX .Web Server s/w should be installed
·         Client : OS can be Windows workstation, LINUX .Web    Browser software
Hardware :
·         Server: 4 GB RAM, 360 GB secondary storage, Pentium processor with CD ROM .
·         Client: 1GB RAM, 180 GB Secondary storage, Pentium processor .
Intranet In Circles
As per CMD’s instructions every circle has to implement an integrated customer services package and a call centre in each circle. The setting up of an intranet in a circle is a must to achieve this. The Intranet will be utilized for the following applications
·         Implementation of an integrated package.
·         Implementation of centralized FRS with IVRS
·         Connecting SSAs to the call centre.
·         Establishment of an intranet server at circle office and SSAs accessing it.
·         Implementation of IUC billing project that is coming up. Every POI (almost all SDCCs) to have PCs to collect the CDRs and then to transport the CDRs to a central server at Level I TAX.
·         Implementation of PGRAMS and MIS projects.
·         Implementation of any web based software projects such as Store/Inventory Management.
Intranet applications in a circle.
Every circle should have an intranet server. Just like we have an intranet portal under, every circle must have an intranet server which should have the following:
·         All posting/transfer/relieving orders issued within circle to be hosted on the intranet.
·         All letters circulars/letters issued from different sections of the circle office to be hosted on the server for immediate access by SSAs. Each section in circle office –Admn., Operations, Marketing, Finance, Planning, Computers etc can have web pages hosted on the server.
·         A database can be maintained for MIS reports and all other reports to be sent periodically by SSAs to circle office. The database can have front end forms designed in ASP or PHP for the SSAs to input the data. Separate programs can be developed to consolidate the data fed by SSAs.
·         All data prepared and /or distributed during SSA Heads meetings can be hosted on the Intranet.
·         The implementation of the above will reduce the usage of paper and also reduce the usage of FAX.
Hardware requirements of an intranet server
·         Server: 4 GB RAM, 360 GB secondary storage, Pentium processor with CD ROM .
·         Operating System – Red Hat Linux Adv Server latest version.
Database – MySQL (which is part of Linux) or Oracle 9i on Linux.

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