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Friday, November 11, 2011

Ayurvedic Treatment(Acidity)

Ayurvedic Treatment of Acidity or Amlapitta

2 December 2010- According to Ayurveda, acidity is recognized as Amlapitta. Acidity is a condition in the human body when there is an excess secretion of acid within the stomach. In ayurvedic terminology, agni (digestive fire) is considered as the protector of the human body while ama (toxic) is the cause of the disease. The main cause is the indiscretion in taking food which leads to three types of doshic (physical energies) imbalance: vata, kapha and pitta, the details of which are given inDoshas and Ayurveda Body Types. Ayurveda has provided ample herbal andhome remedies for treating various diseases, including acidity, heartburn and gastritis.

Acidity Treatment Using Ayurveda

There are many Ayurvedic herbal preparations like Indukantam qwath tablet, indukantam ghrit, hinguvachadi tab, dadimashtaka churna, aptizoom syrup, chitrakadi tablet, dasmoola haritaki leha, kalyana gulam etc., which should ofcourse be taken under the advise of professional ayurvedic professionals. Besides the medicines, the following guidelines are suggested:

·         - Oil and fats rich foods having acidic contents to be avoided.
·         - Intake of tea, coffee is to be avoided.
·         - No smoking.
·         - Avoid drinking water immediately after eating.
·         - Fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and pulses should be taken in plenty. These are good sources of fibre and helps in digestion.
·         - Coriander seed (500 mg) and Aniseed croomy (Saunf) to be taken twice a day.
·         - Another remedy is to take lemon water with equal amount of sugar and salt to be taken everyday.
·         - Luke warm , also known as Koshna Jal should be drunk after 1/2 hour.
·         - Diet to be reduced to 3/4 th of regular diet.
·         - Exercises after a meal.
·         - To keep oneself balanced. Psychological reasons like grief, anger, anxiety and depression also leads to the onset of acidity.
More Ayurvedic Treatment for Amalapitta

·         Vata Type of acidity: Asafetida and cloves can be given. Preparations like Pachakshara choorna, Narayana choorna are recommended.
·         Pitta Type of Acidity: Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry is initially recommended in order to reduce the acidity of the stomach. Then Shatavari tablet is prescribed. The medication needs to be taken for 2 weeks.
Kapha Type of Acidity: The ayurvedic treatment for this type of acidity begins with fasting to correct the digestive fire. Herbs are given in order to solve the digestive problems. Then treatment with Shankha vati and Jeerakadyarishta is prescribed by practitioners for 3 weeks.

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