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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Step by Step PCB Fabrication tutorial for Student

PCB Fabrication
If you have the intention to learn PCB fabrication within a minute, then I promise you that you obviously learn that.
It is not very hard as it seems. I’m just providing the steps to create a good quality of PCB.
      (i)A presensitised copper clad board
      (ii)Circuit design on a transparency sheet
               (iii) An exposure lamp(fluorescent bulb is best to use)
      (iv)Developing solution
      (v)Etching solution(Ferric chloride)

For PCB layout design either you can draw the circuit by hand or you can use some softwares that will make your work easier and give a good look. Name of some best layout designing softwares are given below.
·        PCB wizard
·        Circuit wizard
·        PCB 123
·        Kicad
·        Free PCB

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