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Friday, October 7, 2011

6 watt audio Amplifier

 6 watt Audio Amplifier
  • A wide range of supply voltage
  • High output current
  • High efficiency (75% at 6W output)
  • Very low harmonics and crossover distortion
  • Built in thermal shutdown protection circuit
     Parts required:
  1. IC-CTC810
  2. C1-100uf
  3. C2-100uf
  4. C3-100uf
  5. C4-500uf
  6. C5-0.1uf
  7. C6-0.001uf
  8. C7-0.005uf
  9. C8-0.1uf
  10. R1-100 ohm
  11. R2-4.7 ohm
  12. R3-56 ohm
  13. R4-100k ohm
Circuit Diagram 

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