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Friday, March 31, 2017

what problem with Paypal today in India

there was a time when Paypal was only available to the world but nowadays things are changing very fast. Paypal now has so many competitors globally and locally. Till now Paypal is world's largest and fast growing online e-wallet. Nowadays some e-wallet companies are giving tough challenges to Paypal. Payza and solidtrust pay are growing and becoming very popular in the very short period of time but one thing everyone must be agreed with me that Paypal provides the best security and safety of your wallet. One can use Paypal wallet blindly. Paypal also charges very little transaction fee as an exchange of currencies. Instead of having such benefits some people are claiming on the internet that Paypal is no longer a safe place for any business. I took the matter very seriously and decided to research on the internet. What I have found that the claims of those people are completely wrong. 

I already told you that Paypal take business very seriously and safety of their customer is their ultimate goal. Yes, Paypal has decided to stop business with some advertisement industries. Paypal has stopped their business with PTC and MLM industries as these are causing serious loss to Paypal's customers. So I can say Paypal has done nothing wrong with their business. I have heard that in India Paypal is following RBI guideline very strictly and willing to open a wallet cum payment bank in India. 

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How to top up recharge your mobile pay bill in India with payza ewallet

Paypal was the first digital wallet which started its journey more than 10 years ago. During that time very few people were aware of digital e-wallet. In our country after may 2014 when the new government was formed in India our honorable prime minister Sri Narendra Modi appealed to every Indian to build a digital India. Since that day digital transaction risen rapidly in India. Nowadays almost every Indian family has a bank account. Those who have Janadhan Bank account also have Rupay card which they can use to withdraw cash from ATM as well as can shop online. With this digital wallets are also becoming very popular among young generations. Mostly they are using the wallet to recharge mobile phone and sending money to their relative. In recent times after demonetization, many people used Paytm e-wallet. Today we are going to discuss a topic with Payza e-wallet.  Recently payza launched a facility which facilitates Indian users to use their Payza e-wallet balance to recharge their Mobile phone balance(Prepaid as well as postpaid) with that they can pay utility bills like GAS, electricity.

How to use Payza app to recharge Indian Mobile phone

1. To use this feature first you need to download payza app from Play Store(this facility is only available in payza app)

2. Login to your Payza app with your payza account information.

3. If you have no INR balance then you have to fill your wallet with the credit card or you can use exchange balance.

4. Now from the menu select recharge type i.e prepaid or postpaid.

5. Select your preferred mobile operator, recharge amount.

6. Confirm your order by putting transaction pin and submit to complete your order.

For utility bill payment you have to go through similar steps.

Tutorial: How to buy domain hosting with payza e-wallet in India?

[N.B- These features are only available in Payza app, payza recently upgraded their system so from 30.03.2017 their app is not working but they promised to customer that the problem will be resolved very soon.]

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