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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Telly Pulse trusted Indian Survey Panel payment proof and review 2016

Telly pulse survey panel previously it was known as Star panel India survey panel. It is one of the best survey panel networks available in India. India is now a growing economy , the world business is stooping towards in India. So to understand the need of Indian people there is a great need of market research by the global companies. So there is a great potential for the survey panelist to earn some rewards by participating in market research survey and providing honest valuable information to the brands. Telly pulse is a leading market research panel. The panel is growing it’s popularity among survey panelist. The brand name, wide range of reward option and timely paid to members are key points of Telly pulse panel’s success. Most of the people chose Flipkart gift voucher as reward option. I hope near soon they will add more reward withdraw options like freecharge, Amazon etc. Till now the survey panel is honestly paying to its panelist. I will keep reviewing this survey panel whenever I get opportunity to write a review. Stay with us and subscribe our email newsletter and stay updated with every review and news published in our site. Feel free to share our post with others as your little sharing will display lots of caring for us.

Telly pulse India payment proof 2016

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Top 5 best low price ADSL2+ modem Wi-Fi routers in India for home and official use

Before saying anything I just want to ask you that do you people use Facebook, Twitter, Whats app etc. social networking sites. I am guessing that your answer is yes. It is quiet hard for any person specially teenagers to stay away from such time passing features. This could not be possible if internet exist. People always try to stay connected with social networking sites. Nowadays in metropolitan cities every family have some sort of broadband connection. Most of the broadband connection is from DSL. Major companies like BSNL, MTNL, Tata, Airtel are ADSL service providers. Only ADSL modem will just connect your PC or LAPTOP but most people try to stay connected while they are in bed. This facility is only achievable with Smart phone or Tablet. If you have WiFi enabled modem then you need not to invest in extra data in your smart phone. Just for your benefit I have enlisted some ADSL2+ modem router which fits your budget and reliable as it gives you 3 years warranty and transit insurance.

1 TP-LINK TD-W8960N V6


* 3 years tp-link India warranty.
* Two external antennas and speed upto 300mbps.
* 4 LAN port 1 WAN port and 1 DSL port.
* Better encryption technique with secure WiFi network.
* Support VPN and IpQos

2 D-Link DSL-2750U


* Covered with 3 years D-Link India warranty.
* Two external antennas with WiFi speed upto 300mbps.
* 4 LAN post 1 WAN port 1 DSL port and 1 USB port
* Wireless ON/OFF switch
* Popular secure encryption technique to secure wireless network.

3 Ramptel RD151


* This modem + router is BSNL certified i.e. when you buy modem from BSNL they will provide you Ramptel modem. If you buy from outside shop then it is perfectly compatible without any issue.
* Two external antennas with wireless speed 300mbps.
* 1 year product warranty.
* It supports SSID broadcast.



* Get 3 years warranty with this product.
* 4 LAN port 1 WAN port 1 ADSL port
* Wireless speed 150mbps and one antenna
* Support popular encryption to secure WiFi network.

5 D-Link DSL-2730U


* 4 LAN port 1 WAN port 1 ADSL port
* Wireless speed 150mbps and one antenna
* Three years warranty from manufacturer i.e. D-Link India
* WPS security

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How to activate International payment usage on SBI debit card from home quickly

Each and everyday people are stooping towards online buying and selling. In order to do so people need to have either a debit or credit card. After launching Jan Dhan Yojana it will be very hard to find a family which does not have a bank account with debit card. Getting a credit card is not easy for everyone so most people chose to have a international debit card instead of credit card.
Hope you know the basic difference between debit card and credit card. SBI which is a leading bank in India offer both debit and credit card. It is seen that SBI gives most people international debit card. With the global reach people now try to buy from international sites like Google Alibaba Itunes etc. but when Indian people having SBI debit card try to buy something from such international sites their payments are not accepted. When that happen they thought getting a SBI international debit card is nothing but a waste of money but believe me it is not. The main problem with your international debit card is that it is not pre activated for international payment usage. You need to activate it first for international usage then you can use it freely for international usage. This is a SBI quick facility. SWON/SWOFF ATM/POS/ECOM/INTL/DOM. Here from this post you will get to know how to activate International usage in your SBI international debit and shopping card. Guide is very simple and it can take approx 5 minutes to activate international usage in your SBI debit and shopping card.    

Things you need to get started

Make sure that you are ready with the following items before getting started with International usage activation on your SBI international debit card.

1. A mobile number which is registered with your account
2. SBI International debit and shopping card verified by VISA or Mastercard

How to activate International usage on SBI International debit card

As I already told you that it will take approx 5 minutes to activate international usage on SBI international debit card. Follow the instruction carefully and activate international payment usage on SBI international debit card.

Go to your SBI registered mobile number write message option and type SWON INTL ABCD (ABCD is last 4 digits of your SBI International debit card) and send it to 09223966666

Example: SWON INTL 9876 send it to 09223966666 to activate International usage

If you want to deactivate international usage on your SBI debit card then SWON with SWOFF and your international usage on debit card will be deactivate.

Example: SWOFF INTL 9876 send it to 09223966666 to deactivate International usage

After the successful activation of international usage you will be given a reference number. You have to do nothing with it just keep the SMS.  

New launched by SBI

At the end of the year 2015 RBI implemented a new rule for the Indian banks to give their customers a CHIP based EMV card. According to SBI with card you can shop from more than 6 lakhs online shopping sites and more than 30 million worldwide. This is definitely a good news for the shoppers who like to use international products.

Hope this tutorial helped you and solved your problem. Feel free to share your opinion with but I request you not to spam in comment section also feel free to share our post. Your little sharing will help us to grow and progress our work to benefit you. Subscribe our email newsletter and get daily latest post directly to your email address. Like our facebook page to stay connected with us 24*7.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

BSNL Kolkata circle 2016 new rupees 450 unlimited broadband plan BBG Combo ULD 450 CS151

BSNL the largest network in India has launched a new broadband plan for Kolkata circle only. This plan is available to new subscriber as well as those who have landline connection. The plan is valid for only 90 days. If anyone want to avail such facility then he need to take a connection with in 9th June to 6th September.

In the year 2015 BSNL stopped CDMA service in Kolkata circle. More than 10000 subscribe lost connection because of this. It is heard that BSNL has launched this plan to mainly facilate them to get a new connection. The bast thing about this broadband plan that you do not need to pay landphone charges in this unlimited broadband connection plan.

BBG Combo ULD 450 CS151 Plan details

Circle: Kolkata circle only

Price: 450

Speed: 2Mbps upto 250MB beyond 250MB band limited to 512Kbps

Unlimited: Yes

Monthly Landline charge: Not Applicable with this plan

Free calls: NO

Plan offer valid from 9th June to 6th September

Click here to see unlimited and limited broadband post paid plans in Kolkata circle

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