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Saturday, March 19, 2016

How to add free chrome firefox web push notification in blogger

Hello friends, today I going to give a tutorial which will help you to make you site or blog more useful to your website or blog visitors. It is about installing or adding chrome browser web push notification for your blog or website. You may have noticed some popular websites like Facebook, Shoutmeloud use such features. If you are a smart phone user and use apps that you must have received notification like that. This is very useful for blog owners and site admin. Web push notification offers real time notification of post, you can send custom push notification. Web push notification works both for desktop and smart phone. When you visit a website after few seconds a message box with short description of post appears at the top(right/left) of bottom(left/right) corner. Here in this tutorial I will show you a tutorial which will help you to create your own push notification for your blog or site with in 5 minutes.

How to add free push notification for chrome browser

Step 1: Visit the link

Step 2: Click on “signup for free” button

Step 3: On signup page complete the form with proper details and click on “Create Account”.

Step 4: After successful creation of your account you will be redirected to your code which you have to add before closing head tag of your html i.e. before “</head>”

If you are using blogger platform then follow these steps:

1. go to blogger template

2.  Click on “Edit HTML”

3.  Now press Ctrl + F from your key board and search </head> tag.

4.  Now pasted the copied script code just above the closing “</head>” tag and save your template.

[N.B: Backup your code before performing edit on your html code]

Step 5: Customize your notification. In free version you can only customize for desktop and mobile push notification customization is available for only premium members. Here in Desktop customization you can change logo of the notification. Change title of the App, Change button name, Change notification box color, Change push notification appear position.

Step 6: If you think that you have done all the above steps successfully then open your browser (chrome/Firefox) and see the result.

Hope this tutorial helped you to successfully add web push notification for your blogger blog. This tutorial can also be used for wordpress. In that case you have to insert code in template header.php file.

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