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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What is stem cell banking and why it is becoming popular among Indians

As the knowledge is getting higher so as the improvement in technology. Now we are living in a world where it gradually becoming hard to say that it is impossible. 50 years back it was completely impossible to transplant an organ but as the modern science is growing things are becoming quite easy. With the pollution in the atmosphere and in soil things are becoming hard for living being to live disease free.

What is stem cell banking and it is becoming popular among Indians
Medical scientists have discovered a genius solution to solve some problem i.e. they have discovered that from stem cell new organs can be re generated. Isn’t a great discovery from this century? In my opinion it is the greatest discovery from this century. Here from this post you will be able to know what is stem cell, why it is so important and why it is gaining its popularity among Indians. 

What is a stem cell?

You are reading this as you think you don’t know what stem cell is but I think you know the answer before reading this article. Stem Cell= Master cell. A cell from which every organs of living organism grow. As an example suppose a tree grows taller and one day its branches and leaves fell in a storm and after few month the tree again spread some branches and new leaves rises. In this case the stem cell is responsible for survival of the tree. The similar things also work in Human also.

Some important features of stem cell:

1 The power of replication. Like DNA and RNA replication.
2 Stem cells are responsible for healing and regenerating in living body.
3 stem cells are responsible for creating different organ and parts in living body.

Different types of stem cell banking:

At present stem cells are mainly collected from Umbilical Cord and menstrual blood. So these are the two types of stem cell banking.

Why people are getting conscious about Stem cell banking?

Our modern life is giving as comfort and with that it is pushing us toward a critical life. Disease like blood cancer and tumors are common to people. Scientists are constantly working on this disease to make a solution to refrain from such disease. Recent discovery shows that stem cell has the answer of curing such diseases. With stem cell diseases can be treated like tumor, blood cancer, immunodeficiency disorder, non-malignant blood disorder etc.

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