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Friday, January 29, 2016

Soil pollution causes of soil pollution prevention of soil pollution study notes

Pollution is great problem which is being observed by mostly all of us and now facing its bad impact on us. As we are progressing to advanced civilization we are also leading towards a polluted world. One question may come to mind who are responsible for causing such pollution? You know the answer man and I am not going to tell you that. Another question you may ask how to prevent such pollution? I can give you that answer definitely. One thing I must say you must treat this earth as you treat your home. We try to clean out eating and sleeping place but we littler garbage in road, park. You do a good work and by seeing that other will follow you. Hope the following tutorial may help you. Always feel free to share your thought regarding this topic.

Soil Pollution: Definition

A way in which pollutants(chemical, waste) get absorbed in soil and degrade the quality the soil properties is known ad soil pollution. 

Soil Pollution Causes:

  1. Foundry activities and manufacturing processes. During construction work lots of solid materials and chemical get dissolved in soil creating soil pollution.
  2. Mining activities. During mining lots of hazardous minerals like arsenic is contaminated in upper layer of soil.
  3. Agricultural activities. Fertilizer and pesticide can also create soil pollution.
  4. Dumping of chemicals. Throwing chemical here and there can create soil pollution.
  5. Storage of wastes in landfills.

Soil Pollution Prevention:

As are now aware of the possible reason of soil pollution now it’s time to clean it. Yes we have to find ways of that. Following are the possible ways to reduce soil pollution. Think a little you may find some other solution too and don’t forget to share with us in comment section.
  1. The greatest prevention to soil pollution is in the three ‘R's’ .Reduce Waste, Re-use things and Recycle things.
  2. Reducing Usage of Chemicals. Reduce the usage of chemical fertilizer and pesticide.
  3. Reforestation and Recycling Wastes
  4. Use biodegradable products so that bacteria’s can decompose them easily in short period of time. This process helps soil to breathe.
  5. Use less plastic material and concentrate on more organic one.

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