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Monday, September 7, 2015

Domain from and cpanel hosting from Godaddy or others

Hi friends, today I am going to discuss a topic with you entrepreneur or freelancers who are facing some problems regarding domain and hosting and for that I going to discuss this topic with some question and answers so that you will be able to clear your doubt completely. I am going to segment this tutorial into two sections one is how to buy domain from web4africa and second is how to link the domain which is bought from but hosted in elsewhere (Godaddy, Hosgator, Arvix). Here I have posted an image elaborating the actual process of domain and hosting collaboration.

As mentioned above the first thing I am going to show you how to buy a domain with

Step 1: First visit to

Step 2: Search you preferred domain name by typing domain name without http:// and preferred extension like .com, .in, .net etc.

Step 3: If your domain name is available then click on “Add to Cart”. Now go at the top of the page and click view cart.

Step 4: The next page will show you about your cart item. Here you can apply promotional code(If you have then apply your code and click on Validate code). Now click on “Checkout>>” button to go to next step of buying domain.

Step 5: Now fill the form with your business and personal details and select payment options like Paypal, Payza, Skrill etc, accept terms and click on “Complete Order>>” button.

Step 6: Now you will be directed to the payment processor which you have selected in earlier step. Once your payment is confirmed you will be redirected to

How to edit nameserver details in

For this part I have assumed that you have successfully created a domain name. if you have created domain successfully then follow the next steps.

Step 1: Go to and click on “client area”. A login form will appear and login with your account details.

Step 2: Now click on domain (1 domain will show). Here I have highlighted the option with red rectangle.

Step 3: Next page you will see your domain name with details like domain registration date domain expiry date domain status etc. now click on down arrow just beside an image with wrench . a drop down menu will appear with option “Manage Nameserver”. Click on “Manage Nameserver”.

Step 4: Next page you will get default name server details. Now click on “Use custom Name server” and remove the default name server and update with your new one and click on “Change Nameservers” button.

Q. I have domain in and host in Hostgator. Will I be able to do that?

A. Yes. Your do that. There is no problem in doing such thing. Just point your hosting nameserver to your registered domain. In above I have shown how you can add a nameserver in domain which have bought from

Hope that this tutorial definitely helping people who are in doubt of domain and hosting in different place situation. After reading this tutorial if you found any difficulties then don’t hesitate to ask me in comment section. As I every time say feel free to share this content with others so that others can benefit from your little sharing of this post. Like our facebook and Google+ page for more related articles.

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How to buy domain hosting with top 5 sites support Payza Skrill payment processor wallet

Online payment processors and payment wallet and gateways are gaining their popularity day by day. Many people nowadays use Payza payment processor. Mostly people who are earning part-time from online jobs are much familiar with Payza. Today we are living in a digital world and as a result of digitization business are turning from Offline to Online. Many of part-time and fulltime freelancer have Payza account. Payza is an international payment processor in which you can store some $ in your wallet. Many of you know don’t know how to use such wallet balance to buy a domain for your business. So today I have decided to give a tutorial so that you can utilize your payza wallet balance to a domain for your business.

Top Sites from where you can buy a domain with Payza,Skrill 2015:

Every freelancer now wants more payment processors for their online business. Not every domain hosting service providers gives such opportunity. Here I given some sites list from where you can buy your domain and hosting with some popular online payment processors like Payza (formerly Alertpay)and skrill.


It is one of the most popular domain and web hosting provider supporting more than 30 payment processors and of course Payza and Skrill fall among them. Qhoster is in the domain and hosting business since 2004.Qhoster provides Cpanel and Windows hosting as well as virtual private server (VPS). It has a quiet good server uptime and they claim a 99.9% server uptime.


Another popular site from which you can buy a domain name or a server or you can buy both of them with Payza payment processor. From the Google search results and talking with the customer service panel I have given them 4.5 rating out of 5. Their domain name and hosting is some costly but they will give some protection like domain transfer prohibition etc. etc. as from the site name many of you probably thinking that they only provides service to Africa but this is not true my friend. You can buy any domain from them like .in, .net, .org etc. etc. they have a fixed price of $12 for domain name buying. I am happy to see that their customer support team is quiet active.

Click here to know How to recharge mobile DTH in India with Payza e-wallet?


Another great hosting and domain service provider that helping many entrepreneur to achieve their goal. Like others they also provides Cpanel hosting. Domain and hosting price is under budget price. Windows hosting and email hosting is also good. The main thing in here that you can buy any service from them with payza and skrill payment processor.


many people delivers many speech but believe what I experience in life. From my experience I say it’s a moderate hosting and domain name service provider. Like others cpanel and windows hosting is available .finally the important part is that it support payza payment processor to purchase any services from them.


And finally last but not the least its it also provides services like domain name, hosting, email hosting. You can choose from either cpanel hosting or windows hosting depending on your need.

At the end of this what we get, we get all the websites which provides domain and hosting services and where you can use payza payment option. Hope this tutorial helped you people. Feel free to share your thought regarding this tutorial. If you have any queries feel free to ask in the comment section. Stay in touch with social networking sites page. Feel free to share this article with your near and dear ones as this may help them to solve their problem.

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