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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Vodafone India GPRS 3G APN manual setting for Android 4.4

We all know that learning has no end and you can learn till your old age. Many people say that once you stop learning you become old and nobody wants to grow old and to stay young you have to learn constantly. In today’s world it is hard for any tech savvy to stay unconnected with digital world. People now getting connected with the digital world with 2G, 3G, 4G Wimax and broadband connection. From the technological survey report it is observed that 2/3 of the internet user use their mobile phone to stay connected with the internet world. To connect internet from your mobile phone you need to have a internet setting on your phone which you will get from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) like here in this case it is Vodafone. Sometimes it is hard to get a internet setting for your mobile phone. Everyday many mobile models are coming out and they need to make a setting for that device. Whenever they arrange a setting for that device you will get but this process may take from one day to one month. Who will want to wait for that long period of time. So there exists an alternate process of that internet setting problem and it is known as manual internet APN setting. You can apply this to your smart phone and tablet. A most important thing I want to say regarding this tutorial that only APN and dial number are important for configuration. Follow these simple steps to stay connected to internet using Vodafone India network.

Where can I find APN option for iball Slide?

Follow the instructions to find your APN or see the image to do it easily.

Steps: Setting--> More setting --> Mobile networks --> Dual SIM network settings--> Access point names.

Manual APN setting iball slide Brillante for Vodafone network

Steps: Tap on (+) sign to add new APN--> Change APN name to www --> Click right 3 dots and save it. See below image to understand it clearly.

Q. Is dial number necessary for internet setting?

To access internet on mobile/Smart phone or to use USB tethering no dial number is necessary. If you still need it, number is *99#.

Q. Do I need to change MCC MNC in APN setting?

When you insert SIM on your Smart phone/Tablet it is automatically captured based on your location.

Hope this simplest tutorial helped you lot. If you faced any problem during APN setting don’t forget to mention in comment section. Subscribe our email newsletter for more helpful tutorial and don’t forget to share our post as your little sharing will display caring for us.

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