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Monday, September 14, 2015

Tatadocomo complaint: RS 5 GPRS 30mb recharged but still balance deducted from main balance

Today I am going to discuss a topic and from my point of view this is very serious. Many people are suffering from this problem nowadays. One of my friends has a Tatadocomo connection and he stays in village and network problem is a major problem out there. He subscribed a GPRS  pack of rs 5 and got 30mb data. He was surfing as usual and when he stopped surfing he got a low balance alert. He noticed that data is not being consumed from GPRS pack and getting deducted from main balance. I told him to ask help from the call center.

After a long try he spoke to call center guy and what that guy told him is really shocking. The call center guy told that he is using a Aircel network and for this reason he is not getting the GPRS pack facility.

He has not done any mobile portability but he is still getting this kind of problems. I have no idea what TRI is doing. TRI must take strong action against such bad companies. If these companies are running a network with collaboration, why the customers have to suffer for that. After noticing these problems my feeling against these companies are becoming very bad and I suggest people to make a complaint in consumer court whenever you face such problem. This kind of problems cannot be solved unless you teach these companies a good lesson.

If anyone has a 100% alternative solution, feel free to write in comment section.

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