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Saturday, September 5, 2015

How to check license number of a food business company approved by FSSAI

Each and everyday so many companies are rising and some are leaving the market. Some are registered and doing business legally and some are not registered and doing business illegally. We human need three major things in our life Food, Cloths and Shelter. Food is the main necessity in our life but in recent times the quality of food has been compromised. This food quality compromise is basically known as adulteration and it is rising rapidly. To stop such adulteration government of India implemented a body known as FSSAI. They check the quality of food products and give a quality certificate so that people can buy the product without any health degrading fear. I am also very concerned about this food adulteration. So today I decided to share a information with you people regarding check license number of a food business company approved by FSSAI. So that you can check the company is registered and making safe products to eat.

What is food adulteration?

Adulteration means to add and subtract some ingredients from the original product and this reduces the quality of food and the main thing is that it is not safe to eat.

How to check license number of a food business company approved by FSSAI?

The government can take immediate actions to business who are registered legally and doing adulteration but unregistered companies have no identity and the government don’t know from where the food product coming. Most of us nowadays use packaged food products and it will wise to check whether it is approved by FSSAI or not. Wait don’t believe it by seeing just the Logo of FSSAI as I have notices many local brand who do not have FSSAI approval but they are misusing the logo of FSSAI. In every food packets that have FSSAI logo has also a license number on it and an operating business address. Follow these simple steps to check valid license of any registered company.

Step 1: Visit the link

Step 2: Now click on button FBO Search which is located at the left bottom of the page.

Step 3: you will find a form where you can put information like State, District License number etc. Search with information which you will find in food packet. Mainly use State, District and License number and click on search.

Step 4(Optional): When you click on search and you get no result then your browser may be blocking a popup page. Allow the blocked pop-up page and search again with information you have.

The main objective of this post is to aware you about the food safety and standard. Hope you did it successfully. Eat health and stay safe. Feel free to share this information without any hesitation in your mind. If you have any suggestion and queries feel free to ask in the comment section. Stay updated with our Facebook and Google+ pages 24x7.

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