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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What is CPU limit exceeded? How to avoid CPU limit exceed

Former CEO of Microsoft Corporation Mr. Bill Gates once in his speech mentioned that we are now living in a digital world. Anyone who is doing business and wants to grow their business has to convert their business in digital format.  To do this every one need a Web site and for that they need a domain name and a host to store the information digitally. There are different type of hosting available linux hosting, aps hosting(windows hosting). There some free web host that offer limited facility to your website. One of the Linux, Php free hosting provider is . 
     Yesterday one of my email newsletter subscriber asked about a problem that has caused serious problem to his website. He told me that his site is hosted in hostinger and he is using a free service. I check his web site and measured the reasons for getting that problem.

What is CPU exceed limit?

This type of problems exists when you are using a limited hosting plan. If you are using a free web hosting plan then this type of problem may happen very frequently. Most free hosting service providers will give a very low band transfer every month. It can range from 100MB to 2000MB per month. If your site is crossing the MB you are given to use every month then you get such type of problems.

How to avoid CPU exceed limit?

First thing I want to mention that if you are doing a business very seriously then do not use any free web hosting or you can upgrade your membership to premium  one. Premium hosting account gets unlimited bandwidth and unlimited database. When you have unlimited bandwidth then this type problem like CPU exceed limit can be avoided. The premium plan of web hosting range from $3/month to $10 per month.

Hope this tutorial is helpful to you. If you still have any problems and doubt feel free to ask in comment section. If this information is helpful feel free to share this post with other needy people.

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