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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Valuedopinions India paid survey panel payment proof 2015 and review

Thanks to Mr. Amar who has responded to my guest blogging request. He has sent me a recent valuedopinions payment proof and I’m saying thans to him for his great effort. Valuedopinions is one of the best paid survey panel in India. As you probably know that valuedopinions is a USA based market research ogganisation. They are also one of the largest market research organisation like GMI and IPSos. Valuedopinions survey can can give  you upto rs- 150 each survey. You may receive upto 10 survey each month. The minimum withdraw limit is rs 400 . When you have rupees 400 in your account you can redeem it. At present valuedopinions have accentiv gift voucher and flipkart gift voucher as reward options. Flipkart giftvoucher is instant and will be delivered to your valuedopiions registered email address. If you redeem as accentiv gift voucher, it will take maximum of 4 weeks to reach to your residential address. You can use accentiv gift voucher in Khoshla electronics and this will charge 8% processing fee ie in rupees 400 you loose rs 32. Here I have attached Mr Amar’s payment proof . here in this payment proof he recently got a rs 400 flipkart gift voucher. I congratulate him for his success. 

Valuedopinions payment proof 2015

Hope you people have seen the payment proof of valuedopinions and got a good review. Stay touch with us for more payment proof news. Feel free to share this post as sharing is little caring for us. 

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