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Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to fix/repair an Indian bicycle inner tube puncture with ease

It is not a bad idea to learn repairing a bicycle inner tube puncture. In my next tutorial I will show you how you can remove a tube from wheel but in this tutorial I will show you how you can repair your bicycle inner tube with ease. With the invention of patch now a day it is very easy to repair puncture tubes. In order to start repairing your cycle tyre inner tube puncture you need to have some material to start repairing such as (1) tube repair patches (2) glue (3) water filled tub (4) pumper (5) sand paper (6) red marker. Different sizes tube patches are available in the market but you may choose any of them according to your tube size.

How to find the puncture in the tube?

Before repairing your tube first you need to find the puncture on the tube. This is the most important and difficult task.

Step 1: Inflate the tube with cycle pumper. If the puncture of the tube is large, you will easily be able to find the hole.

Step 2: if the hole is smaller than the previous one, put the tube next to your ear and hear the leaking sound. If the leak still not found then follow the next step.

Step 3: put water in a small tub and then submerge your tube and look for any spot from where bubbles are coming out.

Marking the puncture spot

If you have applied the above instructions properly then you probably have found the puncture location. Mark the puncture location with a RED marker pen so that you may not lose the puncture location.

Repairing the inner tube puncture

Before starting this step first remove the air from the tube.

Step 1: when the air is removed from the tube, clean the surface of the tube with some sand paper. This is done so that the glue in the patch sticks firmly with the tube.

Step 2: after cleaning tube surface with sand paper apply glue in the marked spot. After applying glue to the surface of the tube you need to wait some time. The approximate time is 5 minutes to dry the glue. Within the time period you may have some tea.

Step 3: after having a cup of tea now you need to add patches on tube. First remove the foil from the patch and put the patch over the center of the puncture. Press the patch down firmly to the tube. Make sure that air air bubbles do not trap beneath the patch.

Step 4: again submerge the tube inside the tub and check whether there exist any leakages or not. If no bubble appears then your tube is ready to fit in the cycle tube.

Wait for a while and then remove the plastic on the patch. Now you have successfully repaired the puncture of your cycle tube. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Help us sharing this tutorial with others. Join our Facebook, Google+ community to stay connected with us.

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