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Friday, October 10, 2014

How to redeem survey earning using Paypal

Market research(survey panel) is a technique from which the top companies get the reviews of their product. From market research result they understand the market demand of the product and perform future development of the product. Now a day there are many market research companies who pay their panelist either by gift voucher or by check. With the advancement of online transaction different online transaction companies are growing and Paypal is one of the biggest online transaction companies in the world. Paypal is basically a third party who actually acts as an exchanger. Paypal basically receives money in dollar or in pound and converts to local currency and transfer that amount to your local bank account.

How to create a Paypal account?

Opening a paypal account is very easy but you need to verify your paypal account and remove account limitation inorder to receive payment in your bank account.

Step to create a paypal account are listed below:
  1. Visit and click on signup button.
  2. First you have to select your country of residence(N.B: paypal select this option automatically but if you find wrong country selection then you can change it manually)
  3. Select account type. You can choose either an account for individual or an account for business. For survey purpose it is always better to choose individual account. Click on get started and continue.
  4. Complete the form with your personal details and click on create account.
  5. You will receive a confirmation link to your registered e-mail ID to verify your e-mail ID.
  6. After successful email verification login to your paypal account and go to account overview.
  7. Now you have to add and verify your bank account. You also need to remove limit from your account.
(a) adding debit card/credit card is not mandatory. You can uncheck the check box if you you do not want to add debit/credit card
(b) unverified and limited Indian account does not receive payment from any survey sites]

How to receive payment from survey sites to bank from paypal?

In every survey site you will find a point threshold. When you reach to that point threshold then you can ask survey site for reward redemption.
  1. If you want to get paid via paypal then you have to add your paypal e-mail id to the survey site.
  2. Your survey panel will send payments to your paypal account (For payment related information visit respective survey panel and read their FAQ and terms of service)
(a) Unverified Indian paypal account does not receives payment
(b) If you give wrong paypal email id to survey panel then you won’t receive payment in your paypal account
(c) Except the paypal email ID, never share any other information with any third party]

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