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Friday, October 31, 2014

Lava's new best budget smart phone Iris fuel 50 with in just 8000 and specification

Leading mobile phone brand Lava has launched their new Smartphone Lava Iris Fuel 50. Lava iris has 5 inch touch screen with screen resolution 854x480 px. It is a dual sim smart phone with dual standby feature. That smartphone is equipped with latest Android Kitkat version. Stylish look and front 2MP and rear 8Mp camera make this phone elegant. It is also a high speed 3G enabled Smartphone. The best thing is that the battery capacity is 3000Mah. Most people suffer from low battery lavel problem and carry powerbank with them. This 3000mAh battery will definitely help those pople.

Lava Iris Fuel 50 Smartphone specifications:

Lava Iris Fuel 50 has 5-inch touch screen IPS display with Asahi Dragontrail glass protection
Screen resolution: 854 x 480 pixels
High speed 1.3GHz quad-core processor
1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory(Phone memory)
expandable microSD memory expand up to 32GB
Android Version :4.4.2 (KitKat)
Dual SIM slot with dual standby mode
8MP rear camera with dual LED Flash, BSI 2 sensor
2Mega pixel front-facing camera
3.5mm audio jack, It has a FM Radio
Dimensions: 144.8 x 72.9 x 9.5mm; Weight: 160 grams
Network connectivity: 3G HSPA+, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
Most important thing is that it is equiped with 3000mAh battery

Current market selling price of Lava Iris Fuel 50 is only Rs 7799/-

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Can I use DDR2 667 MHz RAM in one memory slot and DDR2 800 MHz RAM in another RAM slot simultaneously?

The question was asked by a visitor name Rahul Sarkar. After a long time someone asked me such technical question to me in this blog and I am very pleased that he has chosen me to help him.

          The answer of your question is YES. You can use both DDR2 RAMs simultaneously. But there is a problem that you won’t get high speed from 800 MHz DRR2 RAM and it will operate in 667 MHz frequency. If you mix two different frequencies RAM then two RAM will operate in whose frequency is lower.

As an example as per the question you have 800 MHz DDR2 and DDR2 667 MHz RAM then both will work in 667 MHz frequency.

Important notes:
  • It is possible to use different frequency RAM in system but most tech guys advices to use same clock frequency RAM in system.
  • Mixing of different technology RAM( DDR, DDR2,DDR3) are not possible.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Top ten DJ mix android apps for free download

Music is a kind of rhythm of heart. Music has the power to heal any mental distress that we face in everyday life. But with the development of technology classic music has turned into rock music and rock music has turned into DJ. Young people are more prone to latest DJ music. There are some android apps that help you to mix your audio files and help you to remix your songs. Here in this tutorial you will get top DJ mix apps which are completely free to download. Hope you will enjoy all these apps.

DJ Mixmaker:

DJ Mixer is one of the best DJ mixer app available right now. The great things about the app is that you do not need any special skills to run this app.

Features of DJ Mixmaker:

This is not a very hard to use DJ Application. This app is suitable for both novice and professionals.
Very easy to create loops.
The addition of synth pad makes it more favourable
You can save your DJ mix
App is completely free to download.

Required Android Version: 2.3 and up
App size: ~39MB

DJ Studio 5:

DJ Studio is another popular DJ mix android app that is gradually gaining its popularity. This app is completely free to download and it is light weight application.

Required Android Version: 2.3 and up
App size: ~13MB


Another world class DJ mix app that stealing the heart of DJ lovers. This is also free to install app. You can give your music the mix you always wanted. Music cloud is also available. You can share your mixes in facebook and twitter.

Required Android Version: 4.0 and up
App size: ~25MB

DJ Remix:

The app is quiet innovative but it is gaining popularity gradually. You will definitely be happy to play with this app. The main benefit is that it is equipped with beat maker and you can change skin theme of this app.

Required Android Version: 2.3 and up
App size: ~24MB

Cross DJ:

More than 15000 users have chosen this app for the past six month. It is also a very light weight app that make DJ lovers very happy. You can casily make loops from this app.

Required Android Version: 4.1  and up
App size: ~16MB

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Top rated Indian paid survey panel for the year 2014-2015

Opinions are very important now a day. Large companies are now concentrating more on people’s opinion. Companies always seek information from the people to know the present demand as well as future demands of the customer so that companies can develop the consumer product perfectly. India’s business is growing very fast so to know the product demand market research companies are constantly surveying to get the overview of market research companies are in the market but all the survey companies are not for Indian’s. Here in this tutorial you will get the top rated paid survey panel which are best for Indian people.

How a paid survey panel gets a top reputation?

There are some important features and based on their panelist satisfaction paid survey panel get its reputation.
  • Panelists get paid every time without any payment delay.
  • Sufficient reward for every opinion.
  • Pay rewards in local currency or in voucher.
  • International survey panel with BBB rating.
  • Respect the privacy of the panelist.
  • Long time in the market i.e. time trusted.

List of trusted paid survey panels in India

Globaltestmarket is one of the world’s largest market research companies. Globaltestmarket is a high paying survey panel but its survey success rate is very low. To redeem reward you need to have minimum 1000 points in your account. Previously there was only check as a payment option for Indian people but recently they have implemented popular Indian online shopping sites gift vouchers. The main advantage of globaltestmarket is that if you are screened out from a survey you will receive 5 points for your effort.

Eligibility: Anyone above the age 16 can join in Globaltestmarket
How to join: Visit Globaltestmarket panel and register a free account
Payment proof: Click here to see payment proof

Thepanelstation is another survey panel that is researching more than 7 countries. This is also a high paying survey panel. If you are screened out from a survey you will still receive 20 points as consolation. Though they received a downfall during the year 2013. Many people claimed that their fund was deducted. The problem is now almost resolved. They are paying to the panelist by Zipcash, Flipkart, Giftxoxo voucher.

Eligibility: Anyone above the age 16 can join in Thepanelstation
How to join: Visit TPS panel and register a free account
Payment proof: Click here to see payment proof

One of the top surveys panel that paying to its panelist since 2013. For completing each survey you get from 100 points to 800 points. Here 500 points is equivalent to $1. There is only one payment option available and that is Paypal. You will receive payment within one week in your paypal account. Specially they process their payment inevery Friday.

Eligibility: Anyone above the age 16 can join in viewfruit
How to join: Visit viewfruit panel and register a free account
Payment proof: Click here to see payment proof

Ipanel is another popular survey panel that has paid more than million dollar to its panelist throughout the world for panelist valuable opinions.  The biggest benefit is that it provides points for daily login and commenting in shout box. You will receive one point for comment and one point for login and one point is equivalent to one INR. Minimum withdraw limit just Rs. 200/- for Indian panelist. You can redeem for either rewards of for cash in paypal. If you redeem cash rewards in paypal it will reach to you within approx 3 days. Ipanel is a very high paying survey panel.

Eligibility: Anyone above the age 16 can join in Ipanelonline
How to join: Visit Ipanelonline and register a free account
Payment proof: Click here to see payment proof


Another trusted and elite survey panel for Indian. Till date it has gained a very high reputation. For completing every survey they pay around Rs-40. The payment option is quiet good but most of the panelist prefer Flipkart voucher. You must have at least 100 points in your account in-order to request for Flipkart gift voucher. Online voucher will be sent to your registered email ID. Payment takes almost 30 days to be paid to panelist

Eligibility: Anyone above the age 16 can join in Aipsurvey
How to join: Visit Aipsurvey and register a free account
Payment proof: Click here to see payment proof

Click here and see other trusted survey panel list for Indian people

Hope this information helped you and if you need any help feel free to post a comment. You are always welcome to make some comments. Subscribe email newsletter to know more about legit Indian survey panels.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

How to redeem survey earning using Paypal

Market research(survey panel) is a technique from which the top companies get the reviews of their product. From market research result they understand the market demand of the product and perform future development of the product. Now a day there are many market research companies who pay their panelist either by gift voucher or by check. With the advancement of online transaction different online transaction companies are growing and Paypal is one of the biggest online transaction companies in the world. Paypal is basically a third party who actually acts as an exchanger. Paypal basically receives money in dollar or in pound and converts to local currency and transfer that amount to your local bank account.

How to create a Paypal account?

Opening a paypal account is very easy but you need to verify your paypal account and remove account limitation inorder to receive payment in your bank account.

Step to create a paypal account are listed below:
  1. Visit and click on signup button.
  2. First you have to select your country of residence(N.B: paypal select this option automatically but if you find wrong country selection then you can change it manually)
  3. Select account type. You can choose either an account for individual or an account for business. For survey purpose it is always better to choose individual account. Click on get started and continue.
  4. Complete the form with your personal details and click on create account.
  5. You will receive a confirmation link to your registered e-mail ID to verify your e-mail ID.
  6. After successful email verification login to your paypal account and go to account overview.
  7. Now you have to add and verify your bank account. You also need to remove limit from your account.
(a) adding debit card/credit card is not mandatory. You can uncheck the check box if you you do not want to add debit/credit card
(b) unverified and limited Indian account does not receive payment from any survey sites]

How to receive payment from survey sites to bank from paypal?

In every survey site you will find a point threshold. When you reach to that point threshold then you can ask survey site for reward redemption.
  1. If you want to get paid via paypal then you have to add your paypal e-mail id to the survey site.
  2. Your survey panel will send payments to your paypal account (For payment related information visit respective survey panel and read their FAQ and terms of service)
(a) Unverified Indian paypal account does not receives payment
(b) If you give wrong paypal email id to survey panel then you won’t receive payment in your paypal account
(c) Except the paypal email ID, never share any other information with any third party]

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Job opening in India’s popular online eyewear ecommerce website recruitment is India’s one of the leading eye wear websites. As you know that provides service to almost all major cities. Lenskart has a huge collection of sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses. The company is spreading its business and for that lenskart need to recruit new employee. Lenskart is growing very fast and reached from 40 employees to 400 employees within 2 years. E-commerce sites are becoming very popular so the employment opportunities in this site are huge.

Available posts are listed below

Web/Google Analytics Manager
Accounts Executive Commerical
All days Walk-In : Customer Support
Area Operations Manager (Across Regions)
Business Development Manager - New Initiatives
China Buying & Logistics Manager
Company Secretary & Legal
Customer Support Manager
Database Administrator - MySQL
Deputy Manager - Talent Acquisition
Executive Administrative Assistant
National Sales and Operations Manager
Photographer & Stylist
Private Label Brand Director - Fashion Industry Opportunity
Product Head
Quality Analyst - Customer Support
Software Engineers/SSE - Delhi and Bangalore
Tech Lead/Tech Architect

How to apply for lenskart recruitment?

You can apply for the above mentioned post by visiting official recruitment page. There are basically two ways you can apply for any above post.

(1) After visiting lenskart recruitment page click on the job post.
(2) You can submit your biodata(resume) either by linkedin profile or by completing a form.

Link to apply online: Click here to visit

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Friday, October 3, 2014 free registration/invitation code, How to register a free account in, the future of social networking review

Social media websites are gaining its popularity day by day. Facebook, twitter, Google+ are giants in the social media industry but new social media are also trying to come in the market and also trying to make some position. Recently a new social networking has started his journey in March 2014. “Ello” it’s a new social networking site that is soon going to revolutionize the term social networking. Many of social networking says about the security of people’s account and maintain a strict privacy but very few are able follow their own terms. “” is claiming to be “simple,beautiful,ad-free”. The slogan of is “simple, beautiful, ad-free”. is currently in beta phase and it’s account opening or registration is currently invitation only.

How to open an account in ?

People liked the concept of so much that they are willing to join quickly. But as the direct registration is disabled in beta phase you either have to use their bot invitation code or have to wait unless send you an invitation code.

Join by an invitation code :

(A) First you need to visit ello-invite

(B) Click on the button that says “I Want A Key”

(C) After clicking on the button a key code will be generated and a registration button will appear.

(D) Click on registration button and complete the short form and click on the button “Create Account”.

Joining from ello’s official website :

Another way you can be a part of but this step is quiet time consuming.

(A) Visit i.e. the official website of ello.

(B) Now click on “Request an Invitation” button and submit your e-mail ID. When an invitation code is available they will send it to your e-mail ID.

Why is considered as the future of social networking ?

Social media is gradually loosing it’s popularity and people always looking something new features. which was launched on March 2014 was getting a steady visitor but after September 2014 it is gaining huge popularity. It looks like people have found the thing they were looking for many years. As I previously mentioned that is currently in beta phase and at this moment joining to is invitation only. It’s promise to give ad-free service and respect in people’s pivacy is making it popular now a day. Some people considering as a competitor to Facebook but ello’s founder refused this claim.

Here are some unique features that will grab your attention towards
  • Their first and most important promise is that they are never going to sell use data to any advertising agency of any third party.
  • is complete ads free
  • Providing real name is not necessary in but need to give your email ID during registration
  • Like other social networking site they are also maintaining a zero tolerance policy towards abusive behavior.
 Some important news you will be happy to know about

(1) Who is the creator of
Ans: Paul Budnitz

(2) What is the official launch date of
Ans: 18th March 2014

(3) What is the slogan of
Ans: Simple, Beautiful, Ad-free  

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