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Monday, May 12, 2014

What is i3S technology in motor bike? || Hero splendor ismart specification review

Technologies are developing fast and people always love to have latest technology in their hand. Automobile companies are always trying to make something new every time to grab customer’s attention. Customer always looks for technology that is easy and brings some saving to them.

To fulfill this demand companies are trying to use green technology that use less fuel and provides more mileage. We are seeing the use of green technology from the past 5 years.

             I3S technology is one of the best technologies available in automobile industry. Full form of I3S is either Intelligence start stop system or Idle start stop system. In India Hero motocorp is the first company to use I3S technology. I3S is a battery operated sensor circuit that detects the idleness of the engine. When it detects the idleness of the engine it turns off the engine and when clutch is pressed it turns on again.

            You can switch on or off the I3S circuit with a switch but optimum battery level is needed to operate this function. When you don’t have that optimum battery level just turn off this feature.

            Hero motocorp used I3S technology in Splendor ismart bike which is a 100cc 4 stroke 1 cylinder air cooled engine bike. I3S technology made this simple bike a technologically advanced bike.          

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