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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Top 10 Indian science fair project/ project ideas for high school students

10th to 12th standard students can make an innovative project in science fair. Here are some best types of projects that you can show in science fair projects. It is a very low cost project. You can make it very easily.  If you are a science student and you have learned semiconductor physics then there will be no problem for you to understand the circuit function.

Project 1:Simple Morse code Studen learner kit

Components required to make this science project:

Name Parts Quantity
0.01uf disc capacitor 1
10uf electrolytic capacitor 1
15k resistor (1/4watt) 1
2pin terminal block 2
PCB board / Vero board / Bread board 1
3.3k resistor 1
47nf disc capacitor 1
Pizoelectric Buzzer 1
NE555 IC 1
Circuit diagram:

Final Layout of PCB:

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