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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Motor vehicle Department kolkata address | How to give a driving test in Kolkata(Beltala, Madoxx Square)

Driving a car is very easy but giving a test can be very difficult. As you have to face a real life experience with lots of difficulties. During the exam your trainer will not be there and sergeant will take a test of you. But don’t worry, if you can calm yourself you will pass the exam.

There are basically two parts of the test

(1 )Driving test:
                                   I gave my driving test in Madoxx Square Kolkata. There is road around the Madoxx Square Park. If you are driving your own car, sergeant will ask you to take a round around the park; if you are driving in your trainer car then you have to drive around 10-20 meters.

(2) Signal Test:
                           If you pass the driving test then you have to go to the public vehicle (Beltala) office, there they will take a signal test.
                  Click here to get traffic signal and hand signal tutorial.
After getting passed in signal test you have to go through a biometric test there, they will take your picture and finger print. After that you have to submit that papers to the office.

Beltala Motor Vehicle Department office address

38,Beltala Road,Kolkata-20

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